Terry Fox Mini-Marathons of Hope

The Falcons have had a great month training for their Terry Fox Mini-Marathons of Hope. They have shared so many inspirational stories. Last week was a dream come true for Mr Sykes as he was able to watch so many of our Falcons set new personal bests.

At the end of each Mini-Marathon of Hope students were tired… and proud of themselves. Working together as a class, to count laps, has been a wonderful way to experience progress.

In total Frankland ran 4517 laps since our first training day. This is roughly 1,129.25KM. We also raised $4,366! Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts for the Terry Fox School Run! Fingers crossed we can all be together next year at Withrow Park!

Here is a class breakdown of laps and KM:
Gurney 407 Laps – 101.75KM
Waithe 374 Laps – 93.5kM
LaForme 414 Laps – 103.5KM
Polous 410 Laps – 102.5km
Kalt 457 Laps – 114.25KM
Fortis/Vasilopoulos 436 Laps – 109KM
Mr.T 276 Laps – 69KM
Kraft 327 Laps – 81.75KM
Bieler 393 Laps – 98.25KM
Jurmain 416 Laps -104KM

To celebrate how hard everyone worked this year, the parent council treated each and every Falcon to a Freezie!