About Frankland School Council

The Frankland School Council meets once a month (see calendar) in the Staff Room. All parents are welcome to attend meetings, and childcare is provided.

What does the School Council do and why should you get involved?

Joining the School Council is a great way to get involved in our school community.

The School Council:

  • Provides a regular forum for collaboration between parents and staff in order to support student learning;
  • Advises the principal on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, curriculum goals and priorities, school budget priorities, school safety, renovation plans, after-school activities, and criteria for the selection of new principals;
  • Represents the diverse views of the school community on issues as they arise;
  • Informs the school community about decisions taken; and
  • Fundraises for priorities identified by the parents and staff

School Council Consists of 15 elected positions:

Designated (6 positions)                                      Members at Large (9 positions)

Co-Chair                                                                     See below for additional duties



Greeening Committee Liaison

Fundraising Chair

Liaison/Advocacy Chair

All parents are welcome to attend Council meetings. Parents who do not hold voting positions are welcome to attend meetings and/or serve on school council committees.



The chair/co-chair is expected to:

  • Call and chair council meetings
  • Prepare agendas in consultation with the principal and other members
  • Ensure that the minutes of council meetings are recorded and maintained
  • Communicate with the principal on matters relating to the business of the council
  • Ensure regular two-way communication between the council and the rest of the school community
  • Ensure democratic procedures for decision-making and for the overall conduct of the business of council
  • Consult with senior staff members of the school board and trustees as required
  • Represent or speak on behalf of the school council on committees or at forums beyond the school except where the responsibility is delegated to other council members
  • Ensure that the operation of the council is consistent with the guiding principles for school councils
  • Ensure maximum involvement of entire council
  • Vote on issues as required


The Treasurer is expected to:

  • Account for funds belonging to the school council
  • Present financial reports
  • Manage the school council bank account
  • Organize petty cash
  • Sign documents
  • Vote on issues as required


The Secretary is expected to:

  • Record minutes of the school council meetings
  • Ensure that school council minutes are shared with members of the community
  • Coordinate, gather and attach supplemental information to the minutes as required
  • Maintain records of all correspondence
  • Communicate necessary council information to Principal for weekly Newsletter
  • Vote on issues as required


The Greening Committee Chair / Liaison is expected to:

  • Attend Greening Committee meetings and report back information to school council meetings
  • Sign off on any submitted grants on behalf of the council
  • Help with Greening Committee
  • Recruit volunteers to the Greening Committee
  • Vote on issues as required


The Liaison / Advocacy Chair is expected to:

  • Organize the Frankland School Council Speaker Series
  • Liaise with other schools in the community to build a larger community speaker series.
  • Organize free family engagement events for the Frankland School Community such as the winter skating party, Movie Nights, School Dance, etc.
  • Vote on issues as required


The Fundraising Chair is expected to:

  • Develop a fundraising strategy to meet funding needs over the course of the school year
  • Coordinate scheduling of fundraising projects
  • Coordinate Direct Donation Campaign
  • Liaise with volunteer committees of fundraising events
  • Vote on issues as required


(9 Positions)

Elected members of the school council are expected to:

  • Participate in council meetings
  • Act as a link between the school council and the school community by consulting and reporting back where appropriate
  • Encourage others to participate in the activities of the council
  • Follow the operating rules or guidelines as agreed upon by the council
  • Vote on issues as required
  • Assume a Leadership position in one of the following roles:

Fundraising Events Lead

  • Coordinates and oversees all aspects of the fundraising events – this could include a Silent Auction, Art Show Gala or other fundraising events that may be initiated.
  • Works with Fundraising Chair to create a strategy for events

Fun Fair Lead

  • Coordinates and oversees all aspects of the fun fair

School Lunch Program Coordinator

  • Coordinates and oversees all aspects of the winter lunch program from choosing programs, booking instructors, creating a schedule and registering students

Volunteer / Class Representatives Coordinator

  • Liaises between the council and the class representatives
  • Coordinates classroom representatives for school wide events (e.g. Fun Fair, Fundraising Events)
  • Coordinates donations from the classroom community for fundraisers

Equity Liaison/Safe and Caring Schools Committee Rep

  • Liaises with staff, school council and parent community to support equity initiatives and policies regarding equity, inclusion and fairness
  • Attends Safe and Caring Schools Committee meetings
  • Reports back to council as needed


  • Updates and maintains Frankland Parent Blog, Facebook page, Instagram and calendar of events
  • Assists with the creation of promotional material for council events

Falcon Wear Coordinator

  • Coordinates sales and distribution of Falcon Wear (school spirit clothing etc.)

Pool Representative

  • Attends pool meeting(s)
  • Reports back to council as needed

Ward Council Representative

  • Attends Ward council meetings and represents Frankland School Council
  • Reports back to council as needed



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