Newsletter updates / Protocols / Orange Shirt Day

The latest principal newsletters (which you also receive in your inbox) are now accessible in the newsletter archive of this website. Please review school drop-off / pick-up protocols.

Reminder that this coming Wednesday, September 30, is Orange Shirt Day at Frankland. Principal Hanson’s latest newsletter highlighted the many ways in which the kids learn about this date and it’s historic significance. Below are some excerpts from the newsletter. If possible, remember to send your child / children in orange shirts on Wednesday.

From Principal Hanson’s Newsletter:

What is Orange Shirt Day?

Orange Shirt Day is an annual event that started in 2013 to recognize the legacy of Residential school system for First Nations, Metis and Inuit families and communities. It is a show of support and understanding of the history of the school system that impacts many First Nations, Métis and Inuit families today.  

The phrase “Every Child Matters” reminds everyone that children are such an important and integral part of our communities and that they are our future generations of change makers. By wearing orange, we have an opportunity to bring awareness to the history of residential schools and to stand up against injustices that may impact our children/students. Please visit this link to view the story of Phyllis Webstad, who started the campaign:

Frankland students will be learning about the significance of this day, its place in our country’s history and current connections to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Teachers will be discussing this with their students and sharing books as they relate to the different ages of the students in our school community.

Petition for safer schools – please read and take action!

Frankland staff have been working very hard to get the school up and running for a new school year. It has been a challenge on many levels and there is still concern about the numbers of kids in classrooms. Teachers are very concerned with space in classrooms and the inability to keep good distance. They are trying their best to configure classrooms and find individual desks.

Please take a look at the postcard for more information, and consider signing the petition too. Print it out and pass it around your bubble for signatures and then drop it off at school. There will be an envelope outside the office window at the front of the school on Mon Sept 21st and Tues Sept 22nd. Please place your signed petitions in there.

Important: TDSB update on daily health screening

Please be sure to review the updated TDSB website that explains the mandatory daily process for screening kids before sending them to school in the mornings.

The process for using the health screening app requires the use of your child’s TDSB account information. If you don’t have that, the site explains how to request that. Please look into all of this prior to the first day of school.

The alternative to the app is a health screening paper pass. Again, please review that process as well prior to the first day of school.

Return-to-School Update by Principal Lilian Hanson

A latest update (from Sep 4) by our Interim Principal Lilian Hanson should be in your inbox. As always, principal newsletters can also be found in our newsletter archive section of this website.

Please read this latest update in detail to help with a smooth transition next week.

Start days:
September 15 – SK + Gr 6
September 16 – JK + Gr 1 + Gr 5
September 17 – Gr 2 + Gr3 +Gr 4
September 18 – ALL

The entry and dismissal times:
8:45 am & 3:30 pm

Below are some photos of the welcome-back messages Frankland families have been creating for our teachers (who are back at school since today, getting Frankland ready for our kids!).

Please don’t forget to help build community spirit and socialize with other Frankland parents you may not know yet by posting your kids’ masked photos (ideally at Frankland, and, if possible, in Frankland gear or colours) with the hashtags #Iamready and #franklandrocks. The Facebook parent group is totally private (only Frankland parents may join).

Principal Message on Return-To-School

The latest newsletter from Frankland’s Interim Principal Lilian Hanson should be in your inbox.

As always, you can also find it in the newsletter archive of this website.

Please read Ms. Hanson’s message in detail. It outlines detailed information that will help prepare parents and students for the day-to-day of the school year. 

We will post the next update later this week.

Thank you for your patience.

Return-to-School update

The latest TDSB’s update should be in your email inbox or you can click here to read it in full.
Some headlines:
  1. Start date of Sep. 15 for students, with staggered starts over the following 3 days.
  2. Masks / Face covering compulsory for all staff and students, including Kindergarten.
  3. In-school class sizes are capped and remote learning will be through a single Virtual School, not Frankland-based. You will receive a new registration email on Wednesday, Aug 26 at the earliest. This supersedes your response to the earlier phone survey, so please answer again before the deadline of Saturday, Aug. 29.
More details will follow soon.

Open Letter to the Frankland Community on Anti-Racism

August, 2020

Dear Fellow Frankland Parents,

Racial issues, in particular racism directed toward Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPoC), have received greater attention in the past months. Horrified by the events we have witnessed in the U.S. and Canada, including but not limited to the killings of George Floyd and others, and inspired by the world-wide anti-racism protests, we, the members of the Frankland School Council, wanted to follow the lead of many others by taking a public stance against racism in all its shapes and facets. We believe in the movement toward a non-acceptance of silence or ‘refraining from speaking out’ and we see it as our duty as a school community to set the right example for our kids by formally stating our position against racism.

We spent the last weeks and months listening, reflecting, and thinking about this issue. Despite all other current challenges – such as navigating a new school year in the middle of a pandemic, as well as provincial funding challenges that will continue to impose on our children’s’ education – we want it to be stated, unequivocally and firmly, that it is our intent to continue focusing our attention on this topic. We see it as our duty as parents and community members to set up the right messaging and frameworks that will help guide our community members’ actions and steer us in a direction of full inclusivity and integration.

For us, it starts with being realistic and open about the fact that racism exists at Frankland as it does anywhere else. This goes side-by-side with seeing and valuing the inspiring works of many of our teachers and the leadership in educating our children on this topic and guiding their actions toward inclusivity and appreciation of diversity. Yet, we feel that the School Council has to take a more active role, and, with this letter, we want to formalize our intent to do exactly that. It will take more reflection and discussions to lay out a strategy and to formalize the right tactics and to listen and collect feedback from those Frankland families, teachers, staff and other community members that are racialized.

We can all begin right now to effect change with our everyday actions. For us, this starts with taking a conscious effort to see and hear racial inequality and inequity when it happens and to speak out about it.

When the new school year starts, we ask you to make it your conscious and active goal as parents to engage and befriend those families in our Frankland community that you know the least about and that you might think are the most different from you. As a long-time Frankland parent of a recent graduate and a child in Grade 5, I know that Frankland parents go above and beyond when it comes to the growth and enrichment of their kids. Making sure that our children are surrounded by diversity – whether that is along the dimensions of race, income, physical abilities, family structures, religious beliefs, or the diversity stemming from our international families and the foreign languages they speak, just to mention a few – is a crucial way in which we can enrich our children’s growth, learning experiences and mindset. We all can learn the most from people who are different from us, not those that are like us.

Our council members make a firm commitment that, with the start of the new school year, we will make this effort in both ways: first and foremost, by impacting change in a structural manner through the tools and tactics available to the school council, and, no less important, by creating a culture of inclusivity in our everyday interactions. I don’t know how much change we can truly effect, but I know one thing: we can let our kids see us working on this issue. I hope you will join us!

If you would like to get involved in this initiative, please reach out to me or via social media. And look for more information coming in the fall. There are lots of ways to get involved at Frankland School. Be sure to stay connected via our Blog, Facebook Pages and Instagram.


Jen Volk, on behalf of the members of the Frankland School Council
Chair, Frankland Community School Council

Facebook:       Frankland Community School Council
Frankland Community School Parent Group (private)
Instagram:     @franklandparents

Pre-registration Information!

The link has the current TDSB back-to-school plan.
*please note* if you intend to send your child back to school your MUST pre-register them. If you do not you may not be able to participate in the in school learning and might be subject to wait list or only remote learning.
Acccording to this doc pre-registration is happening August 10-17 ONLY.
* see page 8 of the document for these details.
The TDSB has a meeting Aug. 4 to go over scenarios and choose the model that will work for them *and* aligns with the Ministry of Education requirements.